Ugears game – basic things to know


Even though there are many games to play in the outdoor, the indoor games are very famous. Especially the people who are above the age of fourteen will not prefer spending more time over the outdoor games. The table top games can be considered as the best dedication for these people. Among the endless numbers of table top games, more people are highly interested in playing ugears modular dice. This is because this game is more interesting and is also considered to be fun to handle. And this is the reason why the number of people turning their attention towards this game is highly increasing in the recent days. In current scenario, this table game has become more viral in more than eighty three countries. Many people consider it to be the most engaging hobbies in their day to day life. This article is about some of the basic things like wooden dice tower which are to be known about this game.

Ugears card holder

The first and foremost thing which is to be known about this game is the ugears card holder. This card holder is made out of sixteen compartments. And the gamers can make use of these compartments for accommodating the cards. This is capable of accommodating 500 cards. Among these sixteen compartments, twelve are considered to be the bigger compartments and four are considered to be the extra spaces.

Card holder Ugears

Dice tower

The most fun filled part of this game is the modular dice tower. This has four dice cups. The funniest part is these dice cups can be reassembled and can be transformed into a dice tower. This will establish the look of a multistoried dice tower.

Game master screen

This will look like a book and they can also be folded together to store them easily. This also has an inbuilt dice tower in it.

Mechanical deck box

This is the dedication for the people who want to store the cards safely without getting into any kind of damages. This deck box consists of two inner compartments which can help in accommodating the cards neatly and safely.