Shocking highlights in “Run” movie. Which is only available on Aha


Run was the first Telugu film, which released on 29th May 2020 directly on the OTT platform of Aha.  LakshmikanthChenna directed this movie.  Star Director KrishJagarlamudi produced the movie in association with Rajeev Reddy on the First Frame Entertainment banner.  Cinematographer SajeeshRajendra handled the camera, and NareshKumaran gave music for this movie.

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Navdeep, PujithaPonnada, Amit, Mukthar Khan, Venkat, Shafi, etc

Story & Direction:LakshmikanthChenna



Producer: KrishJagarlamudi produced the movie in association with Rajeev Reddy on First Frame Entertainment banner

Genre: Psychological thriller


A shoot done during COVID 19 lockdown period for a Telugu web series became a Run movie with the suggestion of Star Producer Allu Aravind, who is also the owner of aha ott platform.  Navdeep and PujithaPonnada played male and female lead roles.


While talking about the story, Sandeep (Navdeep) and Shruthi (PoojithaPonnada) were a couple, enjoying a happy life.  One day, Sandeep decided to take his wire Shruthi to lunch.  But, all of a sudden, he receives a phone call that Shruthi is dead.  So, he returnshome, and polices arrest him in the case of his wife’s murder.  While these situations are facing, he gets upset and escapes from polices and starts enquiring about the incident.  How has Shruthi been murdered?  Who are actual criminals?  Is Sandeep himself criminal?  All the answers will reveal one by one in the remaining story of the Run movie.

Reasons Why to Watch “Run” movie:

The First and Best reason to watch the movie Run is that Tollywood Star Director KrishJagarlamudi produced this movie.  We know about Krish’s taste and his production values.  NatasimhaBalakrishna’s biggest hit GautamiputraShatakarni movie was one of the super hit movies among his productions.

Another reason to watch the movie is Navdeep’s performance overall in the movie.  He lives in the character of an innocent husband.  He showed his professionalism in the climax scene.  PoojithaPonnada’s cute look as a housewife will attract youth and family audiences.

The Director handled well by raising curiosity in the minds of the audience while Navdeep arrested and showed wife and husband’s relations well.  Background music will play a vital role in psychological thriller genre movies.  Music director NareshKumaran justified the genre by giving extraordinary background music.  NareshKumaran music is one of the assets of the movie.

Cinematography locks the audience’s eyes to the screen while thrilling scenes appear.

The production values of First Frame Entertainment are too good and fulfilled the needs of the Story.

The audience, who enjoys Psychological crime thriller genre movies, will love the movie Run.

Main highlights of the movie:Navdeep performance, Direction, Background Music, Hero Heroine love scenes, Photography, Production values will not waste the money of the audience.

Finally, the Run movie must be watched on OTT platform Aha, because it is an exclusive OTT platform movie.  The movie gives a wonderful, thrilling experience.

Click here to watch Run movie online.

Strategies On Dominating The Land Of Warcraft


Warcraft DotA or the popular Defence of the Ancients has been around for around 3 years in the gaming industry. It has known as the top online battle game ever designed.

Strategies On Dominating The Land Of Warcraft

Become a DotA master

There are some mmr booster dota 2 strategies that a player can apply. These strategies are very mind-blowing as you will get surprised how many players become a pro on the game using it. Here are the strategies to apply by the player – easy and simple:

  • Mind game. Knowing your opponents will be the first thing that a player must pay attention to. You need to know what kind of characters they would use, it gives you an idea of what attack method to choose, and so on. With this, you can counter the opponents along with your allies. You can also underestimate your opponents, but make sure that you can handle the situation. The opponents might not be aware that you planned an ambush. During the situation, never let the opponents chased you to avoid losing valuable gold. You might put the team in a disadvantage situation. Do not let the opponents acquire more gold, they will getting stronger items on the early game, which is a big disadvantage.
  • Last hit. To get the last hit is a very important technique. It allows the player to obtain a greater amount of gold. It can determine which party will leave more lane control on the late game. The last hit can also give you sufficient gold that you need to buy powerful items. One of the secret techniques to make the last hit successfully is pressing the ALT key. You need to observe the life-line of the creeps and get the last hit. Good timing is very crucial in this kind of strategy.
  • Creeps blocking. Blocking the creeps need to be perfectly done, it takes a lot of practice. You will be dealing with AI here, so the patterns will be different every time. Creep blocking can be effectively done by letting them nearer to your tower, which is safer to stand. With this, it gives you a lot of benefits in terms of experiences and gold.
  • Team tactics. DotA is a team-based online game, which the team members should maintain good communication. A team full of commitment that goes into battle will have a greater chance of winning.

During defends and attacks, opponents must be executed with proper agreement and planning by the team members.