The influence of social media: Are You Trending Yet?

Social media

With the advent of the digitized world, the existence of social media platforms burgeoned with a rapid rate. These digital media platforms include Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and the most celebrated Instagram!These social media channels play a vital role in this age and time, where more than half of the youth is invested in these applications.

A social media networking site such as Instagram hosts a variety of accounts that include regular users, influencers, celebrities, organizations, and business owners. This cluster of users are mostly after the chase of earning more followers, views, comments, and the prestigious of all the: “Instagram Likes”.

ocial media networking

Instagram is one of the most recognized images ofmobile application. This user-friendly app works on the principle of earning followers and reciprocating the same. User interface boosts up when a hashtag is introduced in the posts. Apart from the pictures, the users post short lengthen videos which are mostly exercised by the beauty bloggers displaying tutorials and cooking tutorials.

Buckle up! Because of safety first…

The privacy statement of most of the social media appsis similar. However, the Instagram algorithm is much safer when the discretion of user accounts is considered. It has a two-factor authentication system wherein the user is allowed to log in through their phone number and e-mail ID. Compared to the other similar apps that you find in your app store, Instagram allows you to control the visibility of your account, disable comments on your posts, hide your activity log and curb contact of third party applications. Moreover, for the insta-junkies! the app allows you to set a timer and locking you out after excessive usage (so no more scrolling into the insta black hole).

Social media for a cause

It is said that pictures speak louder than words. Apart from the cause of entertainment that it exists, Instagram has supported a lot of social causes, this is communicated through the pictures, their captions and the hashtags. In recent times, viewers and user’s attention has been grabbed through trending topics that are geographically restrained and some that are global. Some of these are the 377 verdicts in India, global warming, heart health and so many more.

A dash of humour and a scoop of entertainment

All-in-all, social media platforms play a major role in socialization in this age (a little ironic, right?). But if it helps you laugh a little and spread a lot of awareness it could cause no harm. However, monitoring your safe limits and sufficient usage is essential.