Tips and guide to investing and monitor Bitcoin


Unlike the traditional currencies, people are driven to Bitcoin as it is one of the most futuristic currencies in the world. The technology is becoming extremely popular among people which makes them invest in cryptocurrency. The main advantage is that it is not governed or controlled by any central authority. Basically, it is a decentralized digital currency that can be used for payment and also can be transferred electronically to any person from around the world.

Before investing, having the knowledge of basics and getting an idea of how to invest efficiently is probably the best thing a person can do so that they do not lose their money. May online sites provide basic information about Bitcoins and how they are traded. is one of the popular sites that display the value of the cryptocurrency and Bitmex leaderboard position to make the users be aware of the alterations.

What does it offer?

The users can easily check the Bitmexleaderboard position every 5 minutes as the data is saved and updated frequently. It actually makes a real-time prediction of the position taken by the successful traders. For the same, they consider the overall profit of Bitcoin.

Basically, if the overall profit of the user is in the increasing trend and at the same time if the Bitcoin price is also increased, then the user is having a long position. As for the short position, it is the opposite way.

On the other hand, if the overall profit has increased and the value of the cryptocurrency is decreased, then it is assumed that the user is having an open short position. When the profit is decreased, it means that the user is on the wrong side of the trade.

How to check it?

  • When we combine the Trollbox position metrics, we can definitely check if big and small players mutually agree on the market direction or not.
  • In this, the bigger traders always have a better edge than the others as they are already on the leaderboard.
  • To understand this process better, one should have a closer look at the leaderboard and experience the changes in the position.
  • Visit the website where one can get the whole knowledge and can also get a virtual experience on how it works.