Tips For Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Your Wedding


Are you getting married soon? Then for sure, you have a hectic schedule for the next months or so. There is no doubt that you already booked a professional hair and makeup artist to help you achieve the look that you want to accomplish on your wedding day. However, deciding which hair design would best fit, you can be a problem. Find the best hair design for you to first learn about what you can wear based on your face shape.

So before you hire an expert in Hair design in San Bernardino, here are some tips for you:

Heart-Shaped Face

For a heart-shaped faced bride, putting the hair up is one of the best ways to achieve a more romantic look. You can have your hair parted slightly off the center and add braids to it. If you want to put your hair down, make sure that you avoid any hairstyle that will make your hair touch or cover the sides of your chin.

Hairstyle For Your Wedding

Long-Shaped Face

If you have this face shape, you can look best with a classic topknot bun. However, make sure that your hairstylist is aware that you have the bun placed on the back portion of your head instead of it looking like it’s on the top. It will prevent your face from looking longer. To avoid having this mistake, just put your hair down. Do a side sweep of curls to give your face a rounder shape. Expose your cheekbones by exposing one of your ears to add width to your face.

Oval-Shaped Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can either put your hair up or put your hair down. If you want your hair up, you can go with almost any hairstyle because of your face shape. If you want to achieve a clean look, then you can sweep your hair back and flaunt your beautifully-proportioned face. Part your hair right at the center. Curl your hair away from your face, and this will give more focus on your cheekbones.

Round-Shaped Face

You can put your hair up without putting too much attention on the shape of your face. Achieve this while still looking all elegant and sophisticated. Have your hair side-parted and put it up in a sleep ponytail. Or you can put your hair down, but make sure that you try to adjust the focal point of your face. You can have a deep side part to give your face more angles.

hair design

Square-Faced Face

Some people with this shape of face are afraid to put their hair up as they might not look flattering. But putting your hair up in a low bun can be done. To take the attention away from your sharp jawlines and the corners of your face, have a few strands of hair out. And if you do not want an updo, soften the harsh angles of your face by having long, straight hair. You can part your hair right in the center to soften the edges of your face.

Preparing your hair design in advance would give you more advantage before your wedding day. You will save yourself and your hairstylist time while doing your hair. If you are not sure what to do with it, you can ask your hairstylist. You can have a makeup and hairdo test days or weeks before your wedding, so you know what to expect.

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