Windshield Repair Service – What To Expect


In the summer months, you are more likely than not to see your car parked in a garage with a newly replaced windshield. It’s an expensive process, but it’s necessary. Most of the time this is due to one or many small cracks or chips on the windshield surface. They may have been caused by rock chips when driving on gravel roads or even birds that might have flown into your car. Here is what to expect when it comes to windshield repair service in Peoria, IL.

Go to a Repair Specialists

Depending on what your chips or cracks are, you’ll want to take your car to a specialist for repairs. This is someone who will not only do the job right the first time but will also guarantee the work they did. You can expect to pay anywhere from $90-$200 depending on the size of the chip and what type of material needs to be replaced.

The Adhesive

Once you leave the shop, you’ll notice that there is a liquid-like adhesive on your windshield. What this does is hold the glass in place as it dries out and cures. Once done, it will be as strong as the factory seal. This will also prevent any heat from entering in and potentially cracking your new windshield repair. Depending on what type of chips you have, it could take up to 30 days for them to completely dry.

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The Resealing

Once this step has been completed, you can expect the car to be in perfect condition. If however, there are chips that still remain, it might be necessary for you to get these repaired again. In the case of metal chips, those will be removed and replaced with a new piece made of a different material.

The Warranty

The last step is to return the vehicle to its place of origin. This will be a new windshield that is installed to replace your old one and you’ll be able to go out without any worries. Although the cost of replacing a windshield can be quite expensive, it’s a good idea for you to have it done on a regular basis. If the damage is large enough, this might not be possible but by using the above-mentioned steps, you’ll have an easier time getting your car fixed in the future.

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