PRT Offshore Well Intervention Equipment for Better Efficiency


The popularity of rigless well intervention techniques is growing day by day. It contains a wireline, coiled tubing, hydraulic workover services, which don’t need the traditional workover rig and are capable to carry out downhole applications in under pressure wells. Well interventions are operations performed on wells for to enhance production. A well requires intervention because of reservoir characteristics fluctuations, flow restrictions, mechanical failure, sand production, or to access hydrocarbons pay zones. Downhole operations include well diagnosis and surveillance, reservoir management techniques implementation, drilling re-entry, and repair. PRT Offshore well intervention can be your one fixed stop for every well-drilling need.

The product you can find at PRT are the following and are of the highest quality you can ask for:

  • Inline compensator

It improves the offshore hook to hanger equipment with an additional passive compensation option laced with active heave draw works. It has a lightweight configuration for well intervention works.

  • Proframe coiled tubing lift frame

It is perfect for wireline applications and coiled tubing. It is the lightest and smallest frame in a hydraulic hoist for the installation of surface equipment. This system includes key features like ProTrack and a stabilizer to meet all your project demands.

  • Hoss wireline lift frame

Hydraulic operated spreader system is vital for any project. It has high tonnage with a hydraulic hoist that allows surface equipment installation.

  • Surface test tree

It consists of lower and upper isolation valves and load-bearing swivel.

  • ProComp work tower

It supports the wireline, coiled tubing, and hydraulic applications enhancing the movement of floaters. It also reduces the dependence on cranes.

  • Intervention work tower

It is a type of modular derrick tower mainly used in rigless well intervention projects. The tower has a working crown, skidding system, and compensation system. It provides a safe and secure structure for open moon pool activities.

PRT Offshore well intervention, apart from all this, offers you lubricator valves, subsea landing string, quick union, and other accessories that are suitable for your project requirements.

The company’s goal is to respond to the changing needs of the customers without compromising the safety and quality of the tools. It constantly tries to break out from the traditional ways and offer something new to its customers for better efficiency.

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