Highly Recommended Skills For Local Handyman Services In Penn Yan


First off, for those who look seemingly confused, handyman jobs are ones that you would usually leave to service professionals!

Those interested in beginning their careers with handyman jobs might be a little intimidated by the whole affair or might want to get used to working around the house before getting an apprenticeship. In that case, it might be easier for them to check out some basic skills that would stand out on their apprenticeship form.

Skills That Would Take The Cake

This section will be talking about three essential skills that almost every handyman handles in their daily jobs. We’re talking local handyman services in Penn Yan 101! Hence, without further ado, let us jump right into the skills that would easily make you one of the choicest candidates if you start your career as a handyman.

  • Finding a Stud: Looking for a stud is pretty straightforward. You have to check on either side of your window or any electrical box for outlets. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to check those places where a nail has been hammered since nails are (almost) always beaten into studs. A dead giveaway is to tap on the wall– studs usually make a hollow sound compared to a well-built wall.
  • Spackling a scuff or a hole: Spackling is easier than it looks! You need to clean the hole you’re looking to fix and get rid of anything that juts out. Then, using a putty knife spread a thin layer of spackle (almost like spreading Nutella) and let it shrink. Repeat this once more after the first layer dries out and sandpaper it until the area looks smooth.
  • Fixing a wobbly tile: Wobbly tiles are a big turnoff. It is advised to take a clothing iron and run it over the tile– this would loosen the adhesive, and you’ll be able to pull it out. Clean the gap with some alcohol and then scrape it using a putty knife to get rid of the gunk underneath. Now, put the tile back on after spreading a thin layer of tile adhesive. Make sure you clear away the air bubbles and clean the extra adhesive from the sides. Let it dry, and you have a fixed tile!

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