What are the benefits of Premium HHC Pre-rolls?


A standard pre-roll of High Hemp Cannabis (HHC) is around 7 inches and contains 8mg of THC. For those who are new to the cannabis industry, a standard pre-roll refers to a type of rolling paper that is typically used for smoking cannabis. This specific type of paper contains a layer of hemp fibers on one side and either sugar or silica gel on the other. The layers enable moisture to evaporate more quickly than with traditional papers, which allows for an intense, smooth smoke that does not produce ash.

As the name suggests, a pre-roll is meant to be smoked without being rolled into another paper. When you smoke a traditional joint, the paper itself is burning, but with Premium HHC Pre-rolls, you are merely filtering the cannabis. Compared to smoking tobacco in pre-rolled papers, it is much easier and convenient to roll your own joint. Moreover, if you add more cannabis to your pre-roll (refilling it), the THC level increases and can be more potent than freshly purchased joints.

Lowered Cost

The price of one standard pre-roll can range from $5 to $15, depending on the dispensary where you purchased it. The low cost is the main reason that more and more consumers are choosing to purchase pre-rolled joints over freshly rolled ones that you make at home. In certain cases, pre-rolls are even sold in packs of two or three. The cost of buying cannabis depends on the type you purchase as well.

Better Quality Cannabis

Compared to traditional rolling papers, pre-rolled joints offer a better finished product and higher THC concentrations. The cannabis is infused with terpenes during the curing process, which leads to a more potent, yet smoother smoke. In addition, there is some chemical that is added to the cannabis during the packaging process that prevents degradation of cannabinoids during shipping (so called “freezer kills”).

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One of the best things about purchasing a pre-roll is that you don’t have to roll it yourself. This means that you have more time to do other things instead of sitting around and rolling joints in between sips of your beer. Another benefit of buying a high-quality pre-roll is that it is mess free, which makes it ideal for those who want to smoke without dirtying their hands or the floor.

Better Flavor

A pre-roll is not just a convenient way to smoke cannabis, but it also ensures that you get a better taste out of your bud. The curing process allows the terpenes to seep into the paper and give off a pungent aroma, which gives your cannabis more flavor than smoking it straight from the bag. By smoking pre-rolls, you will also intensify the flavor of your buds, making them much stronger than traditional joints.

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